Hello To All Aspiring Atlanta Strippers Inc Entertainers!!
We have an overwhelming demand from our top clientele for high-level entertainers. These clientele will not go elsewhere, because they know they will only receive the quality they are looking for and are accustomed to at Atlanta Strips .

Our requirements are:
Beautiful Face, Fit, Toned Body and Excellent Presentation. Our clientele demand the very best. We are very selective for that reason. By all means, make your application, you may be more suitable than you think, but do compare yourself physically with our entertainers, to ensure you are not wasting your time (see our profiles here, to compare yourself physically).

No experience is necessary. If you feel you have the good looks and personality, we will arrange for you to go watch as many shows as you need before giving it a try. We always suggest you try performing for the first time for a song or two at another entertainer’s show after they have performed. But not until you yourself decide you want to. This is a great way to get rid of the jitters that most new dancers have. Customers are usually very nice and enjoy being your first audience and the other girl / guy is there to help you and encourage the crowd.

Please call our booking co-ordinators at 404-474-7908 or email us at AtlantaStrippers@Hotmail.com to arrange your appointment.